since 1987

It's not gold. It's carmine.

Challenge, inspiration and passion were the great motivators of Dário Pimpão in producing a natural Ginja without colourings or additives, made from high quality ingredients.

Savoured offers a smooth and full-bodied flavour. It all starts with the selection of the fruit picked from the morello trees (ginjeiras) in orchards (ginjais) of producers who, for decades, have been suppliers of the morello cherry (ginjas).

Each peduncle is carefully removed and, once in our premises, the fruit goes into a hydro-alcoholic infusion where it remains some months until it reaches the desired stage, in what is a long process that requires a lot of patience and knowledge, evolving with the passage of time.

By its very nature, aging is long term and any attempt to accelerate the process can be disastrous to the final result.

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Dário & Marta Pimpão

The Pimpão Family

Born in 1955 in Sobral da Lagoa, in the municipality of Óbidos, married, with one daughter, Dário Pimpão was born into a family and village with close ties to the activities of the land and in an environment where the ginjeiras and their fruits have always been part of his daily life.

Dário Pimpão, Self-taught in the art of producing Ginja, Dário Pimpão is a liqueur maker with an enormous passion for his job…

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Sobral da Lagoa

From The Ground To The Cup

To visit Sobral da Lagoa when the morello trees are in flower, normally from the second week of April to mid May, is a bucolic experience that should not be missed, with the bunches of flowers in white palettes, impossible to reproduce, descending the slopes in direction of the lowlands.

Strong northerly winds, a solar exposition influenced by Atlantic breezes and the humidity produced by morning fogs that roll up the hill from the Óbidos Lagoon make the ginjas of Sobral da Lagoa the desired fruit of many Ginja liqueur producers…

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The Citadel Translated

Surrounded by walls, this Estremadura village is living testimony of a past full of history and of important events that have marked the country.
Since the conquest of the Moors by our first king on 11 January 1148 to the advent of liberalism, Óbidos lived an exceptional past in the national context. One of the most important moments was when King D. Dinis offered Óbidos as a wedding gift to his wife, who would thereafter be immortalized as the Holy Queen.

As the village now belonged to the house of the Queens of Portugal, fame and glory followed and this sponsorship by the sovereign brought social works, religious patrimony and administrative power to an important part of the territory today known as Oeste.

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