0,50 L Ginja with Chocolate

Ginja de Óbidos Oppidum with Chocolate - 0,50 L Bottle

17% Alc.

Ginja De Óbidos Oppidum with Chocolate  050 L Bottle – Patented Product

A perfect harmony between two products that complete each-other.
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The soul and passion of Óbidos in a bottle

Ginja with Chocolate's History

The first Chocolate Festival in Óbidos in 2002 immediately gained notoriety with the general public and opened doors for the creativity of associating other flavours with chocolate, a speciality surrounded by some mysticism and which our sailors played a crucial role in introducing into Portugal and later into other parts of Europe.

Expectations were high and the challenge was to associate Ginja de Óbidos with a product desired by those who like to adventure into the world of discovering different flavours, creating a gustatory alliance capable of doing justice to the best our Ginja has to offer.

As with many other great discoveries, pure chance provided a simple association that was quickly accepted by appreciators of Ginja, giving them the opportunity of experiencing two completely different flavours, at first contradictory, but then deliciously complementary.

Again, chance led Dário Pimpão, Oppidum founder, to a warehouse that sold cups made of chocolate. On impulse he bought a box and suggested to the owners of ‘Loja do Vinho’, the first wine shop to open in Óbidos, to try selling Ginja in a chocolate cup.

On day one, after some initial hesitation, the sales of Ginja served in a chocolate cup were a success.
The first step was taken and visitors to the first Chocolate Festival of Óbidos were given the opportunity to taste Ginja in a chocolate cup. The idea slowly spread all over the country.

Once interest was stimulated and the novelty created, the challenge went on. Dário Pimpão saw an opportunity and with the true spirit of a liqueur maker and after several attempts, ‘Ginja with Chocolate’ was born. This is the latest great creation of the liqueur maker, a creation which, because of its unique properties, is held in high regard amongst consumers, a result of the perfect harmony between two natural products that complement one another to perfection.

‘Ginja with Chocolate’ is an Oppidum exclusive and has been registered under patent number 103324 in the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial since 23 March 2007 in the name of Dário Albano Zina Pimpão.

To enjoy this liqueur at its best, shake vigorously, and drink at room temperature.

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