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It was at the end of 2017 that Benefício and Oppidum brought to market the first edition of this cherry liqueur, in 100 personalized bottles. The success that sold them out in less than 3 days made us want to go further. Together, of course.

Today the Ginja Liquor Benefício has an exclusive recipe, developed in partnership with Oppidum, with more fruit and with a higher alcohol content of 23.5%.

The sight, the touch, the smell and the taste make this Liquor of Ginja a unique and original piece, for a tasting full of the emotion that O BENEFÍCIO makes a point of bequeathing

+ Exclusive Recipe Benefit

+ Intense ruby color

+ Fruits of the Óbidos region

+ Limited Series of 100 units and numbered

+ Capacity : 500 ml;

+ Alcohol content: 23.5% Vol.

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