Dário & Marta Pimpão

The Pimpão Family

Born in 1955 in Sobral da Lagoa, in the municipality of Óbidos, married, with one daughter, Dário Pimpão was born into a family and village with close ties to the activities of the land and in an environment where the ginjeiras and their fruits have always been part of his daily life.

Dário Pimpão, self-taught in the art of producing Ginja, Dário Pimpão is a liqueur maker with an enormous passion for his job, always striving to attain perfection in the activity that he elected as his professional path.
Inspired by the ancient tradition of making homemade Ginja for his own pleasure and for sharing with friends, he embraced the challenge of developing a recipe that allows him to produce a totally natural product, without artificial additives, that places Oppidum Ginja as a reference among Ginjas de Óbidos.

Refusing to industrialise the process by which his Ginja is made, this Master liqueur maker remains faithful to his work formula, which has earned him many compliments and the loyalty of a demanding clientele that considers Oppidum its favourite Ginja de Óbidos.

An experimenter of flavours, he has also dedicated time to the confection of sweets, jams and fruit comfits, transforming the quality raw material which grows abundantly in the region into these various delicacies and thus earning the preference of pastry chefs for his products.

An entrepreneur, he was a pioneer in the invention of Ginja served in a chocolate cup. This innovative way of appreciating Ginja de Óbidos was one of the inspirations for the first Chocolate Festival held in Óbidos in 2002. Later, this evolved into the production of ‘Ginja with Chocolate’, for which he holds the patent.

Dário Pimpão, a faithful friend, a man of sincere ways, well known for his integrity, is a lover of the sea and also a hunter, and enjoys receiving all those who wish to discover his life’s work and taste his Ginja.

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