Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

For us, Advent began early. With a week in the Far East, more properly. A humble stand on the gigantic 23rd
Macau International Trade and Investment Fair. Or just the Macao International Fair, as it is known throughout Asia. It was enough to realize the size of the treasure we have at hand. Organized by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) and co-organized by 15 economic and trade authorities and trade associations from Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China, MIF is the first Macao-accredited exhibition by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), and one of the most famous international annual events of economy and commerce in the region. This year it was under the theme “Key Cooperation for Business Opportunities” and aimed to demonstrate to the world the advantages of Macau as a World Tourism and Leisure Center and an excellent platform for business and commercial services between China and the Countries
of Portuguese Language. It ended up becoming so much more than that. And we came back with the certainty that Oppidum is a unique, incomparable and unrepeatable product. It was a kind of reward for so many years of dedication. But do not think we were the only ones. The same humility with which we have taken this boat is the same with which we assume that all the Portuguese products present in the contest were the most popular and unanimously considered as the most excellent. Sometimes such humility is a dark place from which we can only leave, determined to reach other levels, when we show ourselves to the world. That is what happened. A lesson for producers, regions and official entities.

It was a beautiful way to end the year’s balance sheet. Because we soon arrived at the biggest traditional Portuguese party. And since there is no more fraternal season, Christmas is the best excuse to get together with those who have the closest ties. Around a wrapping of smiles. And that hardly anyone can untie. You want the table, people too, sweet are the consonants, family, friends too. And, of course, Oppidum. There is no liquor more traditional than the one of ginja, nor sparkling of New Year’s Eve that comes close to him. And enjoy. It goes well with french toast, coscorones, donut and happy dreams. We toast to the joy of the children. Let us toast. To all. Ginjinha in a chocolate glass is better than in glass. A bonbon filled with Oppidum makes a whole Christmas. We have this and more. Just go to our website, choose the product with which you want to make your parties really special and order by email, phone or mailbox from our Facebook. We do not have everything you need for a windshield. But we have everything to be the cherry on top of the cake.

Cocktail of the Month - CoffeeGinja

In a tall (gallon type) glass, add 60cl of the World’s Best Ginger Liquor, 3cl of Elder’s Liqueur. Add a spoonful of sugar, which will be enough to nullify the bitter pungency of a large cup of coffee (can be sack or espresso). Mix everything (without shaker) and fill the height of the glass with whipped cream. Cold? At where?

Check out how to prepare this delicious cocktail here.

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