Ginja de Óbidos Oppidum with Chocolate

“Hello? Oppidum? Look, I’m suffering from pregnant cravings and my doctor says it’s ok if i drink just a little bit. I really need you to send me your Ginja with Chocolate urgently.”

This is a true story. Like Maria who called us from Viseu, so many other people are fans of Ginja with Chocolate Oppidum and are not fully satisfied with others Ginja brands. A liquor that was born following the tradition of Ginja served in chocolate cups and is simply the perfect symbiosis between these two products. It took a few years to develop, there were gallons of Ginja and pounds of chocolate that were spoiled in several experiments. Lots of bottles that were good, although missing something. Our friends did say so, when some Ginja com Chocolate Oppidum experimental versions appeared on the table, evaluated in improvised but effective post-dinner tests.

We arrived at the final recipe and patented it, in a long and bureaucratic process. In 2007, the national patent was finally published in the name of Dário Pimpão.

Years went by, always with the impetus of wanting to do better – as in everything at Oppidum. Ten years later, it was time to bravely return to the experiments: we improved the recipe, made the liquor more stable, increased its life span and gave it another image.

So far, a great investiment!

Have you tried our Ginja?

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