The most expensive ginja in the world

Oppidum is pleased to present you the most expensive ginja in the world

“August is to blame and September takes the fruit”, Popular Proverb

Behind us are some considerations about the generous year of 2018. It was, in fact, a historical harvest with unique contours, which allowed us and the whole Sobral da Lagoa village to draw plans, to envision a future, in short, to dream more high.

Pondering on what may have been a set of variables that have been combined to our advantage, it is legitimate to think that now in this September of new beginnings, there are more reflections.

As producers, it is up to us to maintain tradition by perpetuating an inheritance. As a proudly familiar company, we can never overlook the local economy scenario. We count on the production of a hundred farmers who for three decades have done their hard work to give the best fruits. This means that a surplus harvest can not result in a fall in prices, but rather in a potential increase in household incomes in a place dependent on agricultural income.

Thus, as if the sorts of luck and fate had not so tacitly meant so many that it was urgent to set them apart at great distances, which is now a fortune of the elements, may tomorrow be its reverse. And in times of adversity, we all know who to tell. After the tightening, come the tributes. And before? At the very least, it will be up to us to do what is in our power.

Oppidum presents the most expensive Ginja in the world
The pre-launch took place at “Frutos 2018”, a national fruit and vegetable trade show in Caldas da Rainha, last August. At the next FOLIO – International Literary Festival of Óbidos, which runs from September 27th to October 7th, it will be officially launched with Ginja with Elas. Worth a lot. It is Ópidus Oppidum Ginja Liquor preserved in a crystal bottle decorated with silver and 10 Pounds Gold. It is worth all the flavor and the knowledge of a land that produces the best ginjinha of Óbidos. It is worth € 4,000, which is the basis of bidding. It is worth all the gratitude we have for the Volunteer Firefighters of Óbidos, for whom profits will revert in their entirety.

We count on its presence in one of the main national events dedicated to Literature. At the auction too (stay tuned to our social networks!).

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