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Someone writes straight with crooked lines.
But we do not know who or what, because calligraphy is not our business. We do know that in a year as meteorologically unusual that only allowed defeatist predictions, the ginja harvest exceeded all expectations, even the most optimistic ones.

In the properties that surround Sobral da Lagoa, from our raw material, the production was five times higher than any of the last four years, extending its period by three more weeks than in the previous years and with the ripening of the fruits to allow two different picks.

It is not up to us to analyze causes. We have to watch what we can call a phenomenon, which occurs rarely, because the climatic conditions, favorable to the success of the plant cycle can be generalized, but the West and its microclimate can never be foreseen, nor fit in standards.

Unparalleled quality, yes, but that will not always coincide with the amount this year we witnessed. On the contrary, what often (or sometimes too many times) happens is the usual April rains, this year nonexistent, to take the flower that would become fruit. So, what fits us is only gratitude. It’s a lot of work. That will bear fruit.

Cocktail of the Month - Moginja

And if here, from the top of Sobral da Lagoa, a Moginja was coming in handy now, we imagine what it will also be handy in more exotic latitudes. On top of that, it’s easy to do.

Here’s how to prepare this delicious Cocktail:

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