Sobral da Lagoa – From the Ground to the Cup

To visit Sobral da Lagoa when the morello trees are in flower, normally from the second week of April to mid May, is a bucolic experience that should not be missed, with the bunches of flowers in white palettes, impossible to reproduce, descending the slopes in direction of the lowlands.

Strong northerly winds, a solar exposition influenced by Atlantic breezes and the humidity produced by morning fogs that roll up the hill from the Óbidos Lagoon make the ginjas of Sobral da Lagoa the desired fruit of many Ginja liqueur producers. ​Over the past decade, as a result of the increase in demand for this liqueur, this fruit has gained more commercial value, with local producers planting more morello cherry trees and others coming from further away, namely from Alcobaça, attracted by the exceptional conditions of Sobral da Lagoa for the production of the best fruit.

At the end of June, beginning of July, the Sobral da Lagoa fields are painted in red with its ginjeiras full of fruit. Even today, the farmers with their donkeys transport baskets full of ginjas from backyards and land parcels where the intervention of machines is impossible. At this time of the year, everyone is mobilized to pick the ginjas that will give origin to Ginja de Óbidos Oppidum.

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